September 19, 2020
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Last-Minute Cruise Bargains

Here are today's Top 10 Cruises, brand new specials from the world's best cruiselines. Click the FastDeal # for details.

  1. Mediterranean, 14 days on Seabourn, departs Rome September 18, 2021, starting at $8,999, save 14%, Fastdeal #15906
  2. Mediterranean, 7 days on MSC Cruises, departs Brindisi October 4, 2021, starting at $549, save 50%, Fastdeal #34172
  3. Mediterranean, 7 days on Norwegian, departs Rome July 12, 2022, starting at $999, save 39%, Fastdeal #40363
  4. Caribbean, 11 days on MSC Cruises, departs Port Canaveral October 17, 2021, starting at $779, save 50%, Fastdeal #21914
  5. Australia & New Zealand, 10 days on Royal Caribbean, departs Sydney January 31, 2021, starting at $797, save 0%, Fastdeal #14976
  6. Mediterranean, 21 days on Viking Cruises, departs Istanbul June 27, 2021, starting at $10,997, Fastdeal #18202 (Viking Cruises does not provide brochure rates for this cruise, so we are unable to show a savings percentage.)
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